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  • Society of the Divine Word : There are approximately six thousand members – Priests and Brothers – working in the world. They are pastors, educators, experts in communication, formators, professionals, agriculturists, researchers and scholars. | Visit Website »
  • LectioYouth.Net : LectioYouth.Net is a Catholic program for systematic and regular study and reflection on the Word of God, in order to be guided and transformed on both the personal and local community level. LectioYouth.Net follows the Catholic liturgical calendar of Africa and Madagascar providing biblical study materials and resources for the Sundays and Feasts of the liturgical year. | Visit Website »


  • A Sinner’s Guide (Ven. Luis de Granada) – pdf :
    Two things, Christian reader, particularly excite the will of man to good. A principle of justice is one, the other the profit we may derive therefrom. All wise men, therefore, agree that justice and profit are the two most powerful inducements to move our wills to any undertaking. | Read »
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