What colour (race) is God?

God, being a pure spirit, has no physical body; therefore He has no race. Only creatures with a physical body have race. So God is neither white, black, European, African, American, nor Asian. Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, did assume a human nature when He was conceived in the womb of His mother, the Virgin Mary. He had a male body, but he was a divine Person. His human nature came from his mother, who was of the Jewish (Hebrew) race and religion.

We have no idea the colour of His complexion, the colour of His eyes or hair, his height or weight. He probably would have been darker in skin tone than those in Northern Europe two thousand years ago. At the time of Christ, racial labels like white or black did not exist. People were more known by the language they spoke, the land where they lived, the religion they practiced, and the culture they came from. Most obvious of all, He looked like any other adult male Jew living in that region at the time. Artistic representations of Jesus as being Asian, Northern European, Latin American, or African are just that: artistic symbols, not historical or theological tenets. Though Jesus was of Jewish ancestry, God as pure spirit, especially before the Incarnation (when Jesus was conceived in His mother’s womb) two millennia ago, has no ethnic or racial configuration.

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